Gloria Elena Polanco

General Manager

“When we made the first transaction with coffee I was fascinated with the new world that I had just entered for the first time, despite having lived always very close to coffee, since being Guatemalan, it is lived surrounded and influenced by coffee!  Overflowing with enthusiasm, we decided to create Gelpo coffee to get deeper into this exciting activity of looking for the best and most special coffees in Guatemala for the most demanding customers in the world. “

She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Francisco Marroquín University, and is a graduate of Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California.

In 1983, (Frutas tropicales de Guatemala, S.A.), a company dedicated to the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, cultivated by small producers of the Guatemalan highlands, mainly to countries of the European Union.

Gloria Elena has been a member of AGEXPORT since its inception and has held positions in several boards of directors and committees of that institution.  She is currently the only female director of the AGEXPORT Board of Directors.

Clark MacDonald

General assistant Manager

Food technologist with 25 years of experience in agro-industrial export supply and packaging operations. Know the field as well as the processes and understand the requirements of quality, efficiency and service that international customers.  He has a diploma in coffee differentiated from the Guatemalan Association of Exporters and finds passion to bring to the world a product cataloged as the best in the world, Guatemalan coffee.

Luis Fernando Teo

Commercial Executive

Luis Fernando Teo is 100% Guatemalan and since childhood has been involved in the world of exports, since his high school years worked on his vacation in fruit, where he learned since childhood the values of this company.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rafael Landívar University and is now the commercial executive fruit, parallel to this in the year 2011 began working in the world of coffee with Gelpo coffee. It has close relations with the best coffee farms in Guatemala and is in search of new and innovative farms, producing special coffees to offer the world.

Rogelio Dávila


Taster, toaster and professional barista. With extensive experience working as a coffee instructor at the National Coffee Association of Guatemala; He has participated as a taster for the Cup of Excellence; He is a certified instructor by the SCAA (Specialty coffee Association of America); And is a member of the National Body of World Coffee events for Guatemala (special coffee events Guatemala). He has trained national barista champions who compete to be the best in the world. Rogelio owns a tostaduría and a specialty coffee shop in Guatemala City and advises Gelpo coffee during the entire export process.