Finca Las Nubes

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez


Las Nubes is a beautiful farm located on the slopes of volcán Acatenango, facing the City of Antigua. It is a high altitude farm, starting in 5,200 ft and reaching 6,200 ft above sea level. It is mostly planted with borbon and caturra and in some areas it has a unique combination of both varieties mixed in the same area.

The farm became a coffee plantation in the early 70´s, and since then in has sold its coffee with the same name and brand as the farm itself. Although it is not a big farm, it produces around 850 bags of 69 kgs of premium Antigua coffee.

The shade is gravilea, and it work perfect for the coffee. It provides a lot of fire wood and lumber for construction.

The soil if very loose, sandy course, dark and rich. The combination of sunlight, rainfall and soil makes this coffee very unique and special.

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