Finca La Bella

San Cristobal Acasaguastlan and San Agustin Acasaguastlan, El Progreso

Finca La Bella

Quality from Origin

Growing coffee is an art that requires skill, dedication and time.
Finca La Bella has obtained the best quality to satisfy the requirements of consumers. The achievement of this high quality is due to its strategic location and its processing.

It is located in a subtropical climate surrounded by forests in the heart of the Sierra de Las Minas, and enjoys an optimal altitude for cultivating quality coffees.

Added to these elements are the careful management of the processes that influence the flavor, the aroma and acidity that have been appreciated for generations.

Finca La Bella has a tradition of producing mild washed Arabica coffees. For four generations the know-how of planting, cultivating, harvesting and processing the coffee has been passed on to each member of the family.

Improving Wildlife and the Environment

The coffee at Finca La Bella is planted under shade that helps to preserve the environment and the diversity of the wildlife.

Programs have been implemented to save energy and water as well as the use of solar driers and recycling of the water. Also wasted water and the pulp are treated to produce earthwormcomposts (lombricompost) for use as fertilizer.

We strive to improve the quality of life and help the integral development of our workers through training, improvement of their housing and basic services exercising social and environmental responsibility.

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