Finca El Socorro

Palencia, Guatemala


Finca El Socorro is located in Palencia, fifty kilometers away from Guatemala City. Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego are in charge of producing some of the best coffees of Guatemala. The success of this farm is the result of a strict control throughout the whole process from the plantation management, the hand-picking and the milling of the coffee.

Family tradition

This farm was part of the Hacienda San Guayaba which belonged to Antonio Lopez Colom in 1905. When he died his youngest son, Julio Colom Gomez inherited the farm and he decided to sell it. It changed owners several times until in 1960 it was bought by Dr. Mario de la Cerda and his wife María Colom, (a descendant of the original owner). And so the ownership of the farm returned to the family.

In 1980 their son Juan de la Cerda Colom, a member of the fourth generation of the farm owners, started producing coffee. Now Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego work this farm together with great attention to the details that make their coffees top quality, while at the same time they protect the environment.

Taking Care of the Resources

The environmental impact of the farms is very important for sustainability. That is why this farm has a very efficient system of ecological wet milling. The pulp is removed from the fruits with a dry process and the pulp and the coffee are transported mechanically while the water is recycled. The water is treated with clean production techniques before it is returned to the forest. The pulp is also recycled and transformed into fertilizer to nourish the soil for future plantations.

Recognized for its excellence

The history of El Socorro is synonymous with quality and this quality has been recognized internationally and its coffees have achieved a position among the best that Guatemala produces. They have qualified for the Cup of Excellence auction six times and twice they have obtained first place.

They received the Coffee of the Year award (COTY) from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in 2011 as “Best Origin Coffee.”

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