Finca Ceylán

San Miguel Pochuta, Chimaltenango

Finca Ceylan y Anexos

Finca Ceylan and Annexes have belonged to the Echeverria family since 1870, producing and processing coffee since then.

The original name of the farm was Finca Ceylan and Colima and over the years other farms were added to the property which then became Finca Ceylan and Annexes. The farm has mainly local workers and has become a source of job creation.

For about 70 years this farm also cultivated sugar cane to produce raw unrefined sugar called “panela”. The processing plant for the panela came to an end when strong rains destroyed the processing facilities.

The coffee was originally grown under the shade of banana trees, the fruits of which soon became an important second product that generated additional income for the farm.

Social projects

For its employees’ benefits, Finca Ceylan has contributed to social products such as construction of housing, potable water, education for the employees’ children. The workers also benefit from their alternative crops such as oranges, bananas and plantains.

Environment Project and Water Management

Finca Ceylan conserves the tributaries of rivers and protects the natural vegetation of the surroundings. Hunting and fishing are forbidden in order to preserve the fauna as well.

The residues of the milling process of the coffee are used as organic fertilizers on the plantation, creating a sustainable environment. Water used in the milling is filtered by oxidation tanks, separating the solids to avoid contamination of the natural water sources.

Its natural forests have been protected to preserve the different species of tree, plants and animals that inhabit them, creating an ecosystem.

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