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Pride of Guatemala

Guatemala has a great variety of microclimates, each one with a range of elevations, particular rain patterns, different soils rich in minerals and nutrients that contribute to incomparable notes of flavor and exceptional qualities recognized internationally.

Coffee plantations run along the volcanic chain of Guatemala

In this land of contrasts, eight different regions of special coffees have been identified which have different characteristics. These regions have different climate conditions and different geographical aspects that make each one a special place for producing coffee.

In Guatemala coffee is grown under the shade of trees that create forests that constitute the habitat of many endemic and migratory animal species providing them food and protection.

Many creeks, brooks, springs, rivers and lakes facilitate the wet milling process of coffee and at the same time they are used for generating clean electricity.

The coffee is all picked by hand by experienced pickers that take great care in this process which is a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation.


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