Quality and sustainability

Gelpo Coffee cares about quality, but even more about maintaining in the long term the excellence of the coffees we sell, that is why we have the best allies all along the chain of production.

We work with farms that respect and preserve the environment, using sustainable agricultural practices because we believe that conservation and protection of biodiversity are key elements for the sustainability of the quality of the coffee. Some of our coffees have certifications that guarantee environmental practices.


We have strategic alliances with companies that specialize in milling of micro lots, and so we can offer the best preparation for export of our coffees .

All our coffees are cupped by ANACAFE (Asociación Nacional del Café) and by cuppers who have wide experience and much prestige in the business.

In addition to marketing the best coffees in the World, at Gelpo Coffee we also offer top quality service to satisfy the most demanding clients in the World.

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