Gelpo Coffee Guarantees

To our clients, Gelpo Coffee guarantees that the farms that we work with grow excellent quality coffee and that the owners behave ethically, abiding by all the labor laws and respecting all their workers’ rights. That they practice social responsibility and use natural resources rationally and sustainably, protecting the environment and protecting the flora and fauna of their areas of influence.


To our growers Gelpo Coffee guarantees worldwide promotion of their coffees, good handling of their product, fair prices and prompt payment. These factors will allow them and their workers to sustain the quality of their coffee offering them and their families opportunities for development and improvement of their quality of life.

In order to fulfill our guarantees we work continuously with our growers and our clients serving as a strong link in the chain that joins the excellent coffee growers from Guatemala with prestigious coffee importers and roasters that appreciate the quality of the special coffees grown in this beautiful country.

cata2To complete the cycle we keep our clients informed about important details of the processes and of the dedicated work performed by our growers in the fields and in the mills that go into each pound of coffee. Also about the impact of good agricultural and processing practices of the coffees we offer. So that they can see for themselves, we invite them to visit the farms with which we work and to get to know the growers, allowing them to live the experience that they can later transmit to the consumers when they offer them “the experience of drinking a cup of exceptional coffee.”

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