Our team

Gloria Elena Polanco

General Manager

“When we made the first sale of coffee in 2011 I was fascinated by the new world I had just entered for the first time, despite having lived my whole life very close to coffee, because all of us Guatemalans live surrounded by coffee and coffee influences our whole lives. With great enthusiasm we decided to create Gelpo Coffee to become actors and not just spectators and look for the best and most special Guatemala coffees for the most demanding clients in the World.”

Gloria has a master’s degree in business administration from Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala and is a graduate of Pasadena City College, Pasadena California USA. She founded FRUTESA (Frutas Tropicales de Guatemala, S.A.), a company dedicated to exporting fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated by small holders in the Guatemalan Central Highlands.

Gloria has been a member of the prestigious Guatemalan Exporters Association AGEXPORT since it started and has been a member of several boards of directors of AGEXPORT. Presently she is the only female to sit on the board.

Clark MacDonald

Deputy General Manager

Clark is a Food Technologist with 25 years experience in supply operations and packaging of agricultural products for export. He knows both field and processing operations and fully understands quality and services requirements of international clients.

He obtained a Diploma in Specialty Coffee studies from the Guatemalan Exporters Association.

He is passionate about being instrumental in getting the whole World to know the best Guatemalan coffees, considered among the best in the World.

Luis Fernando Teo

Commercial Officer

Luis Fernando Teo has been involved in the world of exports since childhood, working at Frutesa during school holidays. Since a very early age he learned the values that Frutesa upholds. He has a Business Administration Degree from Rafael Landivar University and is the Commercial Officer for Frutesa and holds the same position in Gelpo Coffee.

He has developed very good relations with the best coffee farms in Guatemala and he is constantly looking for the most innovative coffee growers that produce special coffees to offer abroad.

Rogelio Dávila


Rogelio is a cupper, a roaster and a professional barista. He has vast experience working as a coffee instructor at ANACAFE, the Asociacion Nacional de Café de Guatemala. He has participated as a cupper for Cup of Excellence; he is a certified instruction for SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and is a member of the National Body of The world of Coffee Events in Guatemala. Rogelio has trained national barista champions that compete with the best of the whole world. Rogelio owns a roastery and a coffee bar in Guatemala City.

He advises Gelpo Coffee throughout the whole process of exporting.

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